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No 4-H activities allowed at JoeBar Stables in Roy
Important Email from Brian Brandt, Pierce County 4-H Faculty Via T.Diane Day Dear 4-H Leaders and Parents:   Washington State University 4-H Youth Development  has learned ...more
Member Enrollments
This is a reminder that Clubs are to send their member fees into the 4-H office, with a Roster of current ...more
It's Scholarship Time
We have some very exciting news regarding scholarship awards this year: several of our awards have increased in amount! Please see below ...more
Hippology Practices
Alrighty everyone! Merry Christmas...Happy Holidays and all that I hope everyone has/had a wonderful holiday, now back to business! Our ...more
On-Line Enrollment Update
Here is a re-cap of what was explained during a Statewide Conference Call as it relates to On-Line Enrollment (this ...more
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For a listing of ALL 4-H project information, refer to the WSU 4-H Youth Development Program Website. 

Forms, Publications, Handbook and More
Important documents horse project members are always searching for; links to enrollment forms, show entry forms, horse project publications, and more. Click here to see this listing in progress.  Contact us if you have documents you would like added to this list. 

Division  Pages  -    Click here to access a special page dedicated to each Division Or Committee Page for the most current information all in one place! 

Open Horse 4-H Clubs Interested in joining a 4-H Horse Club in Pierce County?  Click here to see a current listing of our clubs taking enrollment for the Horse Project and how to find out more about enrolling in their club.

Share your information on our website and email newsletters -   Stories or information that are relevant to our 4-H horse project can be posted on our website.  4-H events can be listed on our events calendar.  To post information, email the text, links and PDF attachments to Jessica Carr

It is the mission of the Pierce County 4-H Horse Department, through teamwork and high standards to assist youth in developing life and leadership skills, character and values needed to contribute positively to society by providing a well rounded horsemanship program.  We are continuing, self-sufficient, education based youth program utilizing a well-documented and communicated program policy. We focus on character and value development with strong community, leader and parent involvement.  Our advantage is recognition of the need for more community involvement, more educational opportunities, and better facilities.  We strive to expand our exposure to the public through fairs, community interaction and service.  We have the confidence, innovative ability, resources and unique skills to pursue excellence in everything we do.  We pursue continued success of the program emphasizing safe and responsible horsemanship in conjunction with County and State 4-H programs.

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